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Got questions about TV antenna repairs or installation on the Gold Coast?


What experience do you have ?

I have over 30 years extensive experience in the industry as a television technician Audio Visual technician and antenna repair specialist on the Gold Coast . Over that time I have not had 1 consumer affairs issue . It is very important to me that I resolve any issues early and keep it that way.

Are you insured ?

Yes  my insurance is always kept up to date I currently have Broad form public Liability  $10,000,000  of cover for antenna services on the Gold Coast. Situation of risk is Australia wide.

What areas do you cover ?

The Gold Coast and Tweed Coast  –   Pacific Pines to  Cabarita .  I am happy to travel around , the Pacific motorway  makes it a breeze

Do you have experience with trade or commercial clients ?

I have a long history working with Builders, Real Estate Rentals, Electricians and Insurance Companies. My  Insurance certificate details happily forwarded .

My picture is breaking up what could be the problem ?

Digital antenna systems on the Gold coast  can break down due to interference, faulty antenna boosters , faulty antennas, loose antenna connections , coaxial cable faults and co transmitter interference . I can test your antenna system with my digital antenna analyser and advise you of the exact problem.

What do I need to get a good  reliable picture ?

Antenna installations on the Gold Coast may require a number of things firstly a good digital antenna  tuned to your best local transmitter .  A good distribution system e.g.   quad shield coaxial cable run from the antenna to the TV outlet  . In some instances a mast head amplifier and , or distribution amplifier and your TV to be correctly tuned to that transmitter .  Where the  Antenna signal is strong we can save money and time by  only  needing to apply one or two of these things . My Digital antenna system analyser can test all of the parts in your system and work out the best and cheapest solution to you problems  .

How many antenna points or outlets can I have ?

As many as you like ,  usually if your local antenna signal is good  we can run up to 4  to 6 points without a distribution  booster  . I have installed 12 points in one house with very good results . I can test the antenna signal strength  with my Digital antenna system analyser and advise you  of the best solution.

Do I need a antenna  booster or amplifier ?

With  TV antennas on the Gold Coast  some time a booster is needed to boost the signal up to a level that the TV recognises as a good signal, 50 db  is a good digital pass. If your house is in a good position to the transmitter this is not necessary  , there will be plenty of antenna signal ,but in lower signal areas a booster is important. It is important to match the right antenna booster for the job as they have different levels of amplification .  I can match the booster to your system with my digital antenna analyser for the best Gold coast antenna reception .

What is 4G antenna interference on the Gold Coast ?

4G antenna interference on the Gold coast  is due to the new 4G mobile phone broadband network .  The frequencies for the network are close to the channels that we use for digital television reception on the gold coast . They can clash with you digital television reception and case drop outs and breaking up of the picture . This usually  occurs when you are close to a 4G network tower . I can  identify the problem with my Digital antenna signal analyser  and  fix the problem  by putting filters on your antenna system or replacing the booster with a new generation mast head  antenna amplifier that suppresses the interference .

Why do I need Quad shield cable ?

Digital antenna systems on the Gold Coast require Quad shield cable because it has four layers of shielding prevents interference and provides low loss to the  digital antenna signal . I stock the leading brands of quad shield cable as they provide the best performance.

What is VAST Satellite on the Gold Coast?

VAST stands for Viewer Access Satellite Television . The Australian government funds a free to air satellite service  VAST provides digital television to viewers in remote and regional Australia . It is also available free to Gold coast residents who  are in blind spots to the gold coast antenna transmitters . The service is free but you need to purchase a set top box and have a satellite dish  fitted to your roof . I can help with the registration, supply and installation of the system.

What does MATV stand for ?

MATV Stands for Master antenna television .Gold coast MATV antenna systems in high rise buildings often have a series of antenna amplifiers  and filters and a distribution network  to get the best antenna signal to the units .  I can fault find and test the system with my digital antenna system analyser.

Can I just buy a  digital Television antenna off you ?

Yes I am happy to supply and recommend  an antenna  that is suitable for  our Gold coast television antenna transmitters that you can install yourself.

Why I am missing some Television channels  ?

The Television antenna  transmitters on the Gold coast can just drop one or two television channels at a time . If the problem persists then It may be a weakness in your antenna system which can effect only a few of the TV channels . I can do a  test of your TV  antenna system with my digital antenna system analyser  and check your TV for you.

Do you pre-wire new  houses  for antenna and Foxtel ?

Yes I can  pre wire , mount and supply a Television antenna  I am happy to give you a quote .  I do a lot of antenna installations for builders on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

How can I ensure the best possible TV antenna reception on the Gold Coast ?

Digital antenna reception on the God Coast  is only as good as the weakest link in the reception chain . From the antenna ,to the booster, to the cable, to the wall outlet to the cable to the television . The better the  digital antenna system . The better your Television will perform.

Can you set up ,install my LCD, LED, Plasma  television and wall mount it?

Yes  I can also hook up and install your DVD, PVR Foxtel  and surround sound  and check your antenna system all over the Gold coast.

Should I unplug my antenna from the Television  in a storm ?

To protect your Television in a storm from lightning   you need to unplug the antenna and the power as lightning can travel through both cables .  I do not recommend doing this if the lightning is  all ready  in your area as if it happens to strike wile you are holding the antenna or power cable , the outcome may be far worse than a blown up television .

I just moved in and have no antenna reception why is this ?

A lot of Gold coast television antenna systems require a booster and the previous owners often take it with them. I can come out and test you antenna system to rectify the problem. It is important to put the rite type of booster back on.

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